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Energy Saving Tips
By conserving energy during peak times, we can all help save on energy costs.
Don't forget about your heating system filter. Replace your filter every 2-3 months.
By creating a diverse portfolio of energy resources, including renewables like solar and wind, your local Touchstone Energy® co-ops are creating a more sustainable future for every member.
Reducing your energy use is easier than you think. By taking a few simple steps, you can save energy and lower your electricity costs.
From LED lights for the tree to turning down the thermostat during a holiday party, saving energy is easier than you think.

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Save money and energy by the hour.
October is National Energy Awareness Month. Kick it off by giving your home a simple energy audit.
With kids going back to school, it's the right time for your whole family to get back into good energy habits.
Learn how you can save energy this summer with these easy tips.
When summer turns hot and humid, remember that cranking up the air conditioning is only one option. Shade trees, awnings and window treatments block heat from entering your home, and running a fan keeps rooms comfortable at higher temperatures.
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